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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

POSTED: March 16th, 2012

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Newport Beach Restaurant Week is HERE!

POSTED: January 20th, 2012

Now through the 29th of January come visit our Fashion Island location and enjoy our $20 prix-fixe menu! Our four-course menu offers a wide variety of Yard House offerings hand-picked by Executive Chef Carlito Jocson himself!

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POSTED: August 3rd, 2011

It all started with the Kogi truck, a mobile restaurant that took the idea of a traditional taco to the next level. This unique twist caught the eye of Yard House Executive Chef, Carlito Jocson, sparking his take on the non-traditional gourmet taco.

Now, we all know a simple idea doesn’t turn into something great overnight, so it took many years of perfecting the taco recipe to get them just right for the Yard House menu…

The standard street taco tortilla just wasn’t going to work for the level of deliciousness that Carlito wanted to bring to Yard House. Carlito went in search of the perfect tortilla and found his “secret weapon”, so secret we can’t even give you the details. This “secret weapon” provides the perfect handmade fat fluffy tortillas that hold together the sweet & spicy goodness of the Yard House Street Taco sure to impress any taco lover.

To ensure that these tacos would be able to satisfy the most complex of taco critics, Carlito knew that he would have to create different flavor profiles for every taco. So, when you’re biting into your fat fluffy stuffed tortilla you should taste the following: savory flavors, a spicy quality, fresh produce, creamy textures, and a crunch all happening at once.

What’s a Street Taco plate without its amigos rice and beans? Of course with the eclectic versions of Street Tacos there needed to be a twist to the side dishes as well. The rice is made with Jasmine rice, rather than Mexican rice, to give it a sticky texture and specific spices to give it that Mexican flare. The beans aren’t your average beans either; they are pinto beans with a kick, cheese, jalapenos, cilantro and garlic. YUM!

After putting together this plethora of unique selections of ingredients, the Yard House Street Tacos were born. Come in and try one taco snack, or a two taco plate with spicy rice and beans. Tell us which of the Street Tacos is your favorite!

Carlito’s Favorites: Chicken Tinga and Grilled Korean Pork Belly

FYI – California is the first to get the new Street Tacos…coming soon to a location near you!

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