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POSTED: August 24th, 2011

Since 2001, Yard House and MBH Architects have been working together to bring new locations across the U.S. – and we think that’s pretty cool. In fact, we love it and thought our Tap Room readers (you) would think so too! Check out our interview with Rick from MBH to learn more about the company that puts the “house” in Yard House!

TR: How did the relationship with MBH and Yard House begin?
MBH: We first interviewed with Yard House in 2001. We were excited to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new concept! We did two locations the first year; first in Lakewood, Colorado then Pasadena, California, and have worked on about three locations per year since. This year the goal to open eight locations!

TR: How many Yard House openings have you worked on?
MBH: We started with Pasadena, store number seven and have completed design and construction on 27 units across the USA!

(Check out these pics we found from YH Pasadena when it opened…)








TR: What is your craziest story from/during the construction of a new YH?
MBH: The project was Glendale, Arizona (store #15). I was on a job walk to review the existing building conditions. The shell was just completed by the landlord. I walked around the building and something did not look right. Our patio looked small for some reason. I pulled out my site plan from the landlord and figured out they located the building 20 feet in the wrong direction. I notified the landlord and his only viable option was to cut the building loose of the foundation and move it to the correct location. It delayed our project start by about two months and cost the landlord about 300k. Ouch!

TR: From start to finish, how long does it take for you to architect/plan/build a new YH?
MBH: It takes about two months from the start, to finish completing the design and construction documents on the typical Yard House restaurant. Build time is 140 days. Total time to complete is about eight months.

TR: Which YH architecture is your favorite and/or are you most proud?
MBH: My favorite project to date is San Jose, for many reasons. It was the most technically challenging due to grade changes and extensive mechanical integration within a very tight envelope. We pushed the design in a new more modern direction while retaining Yard House key features and its’ the closest to my home, about 40 minutes away.

(Pics of YH San Jose)

Thank you very much to MBH Architects for their hard work and dedication to all Yard House projects! We appreciate your great ideas in development and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Till next time…
- Tap Room Team

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